It’s well known that the Gold Coast is a hot spot for home renovation and lifestyle design because of the close proximity to the beach. The bohemian vibe and modern lux is well and truly alive. Rendering is a popular finish because of its skilled and unique application to walls, fences, bench tops, feature walls and more. Introducing Render X. Your Gold Coast render experts who are changing the way interior designers are approaching projects in 2020 and beyond.

Render X brings a luxurious finish to every project. The core product used is most commonly know as Venetian Plaster because of it’s Italian origin. The finished design is only limited by ones imagination resulting in endless custom masterpieces. The combination of colours, textures and design are limitless.

The Gold Coast is turning to the most experienced renders to assist with home renovations and commercial projects. Render X has worked with a range of clients across the Gold Coast. With many local restaurants adding a modern vibe through the craftsmanship of Render X.

Matt Jamieson and his team are considered Gold Coast render experts. Matt’s craftsmanship is second to none in the industry, which may be why Matt and El’ise from the 2019 season of The Block called in his services. Learn more about the decorative wall finishes constructed on The Block here.

Render X has experienced rapid growth through commercial, retail and luxury residential projects. And it’s no wonder why. Some of their best work featured in home and lifestyle magazine Grand Design Australia.

Are you are looking to transform your next project with a modern lux timeless piece? Look no further than the Gold Coast render experts, Render X.