It is the hottest trend in modern luxury, commercial, and residential decorative wall finishes. When crafted by the best, it’s a timeless feature that will leave all that come in contact with it speechless. So what is Venetian Plaster?

Venetian Plaster goes by many names. Italian Plaster, Polished Plaster, Polished Render, and the list goes on. Recently in Australia the term Venetian Plaster has gained a lot of interest. And this is mainly thanks to the exposure of the winning room by Matt and El’ise on the 2019 season of The Block. Learn more about how Render X played a major part in the production of the winning masterpiece here.

Venetian plaster is a thin veneer of slaked lime putty. It is mixed with materials such as marble, quartz or kaolin and coloured with pigment. The plaster is applied in a variety of ways over a number of layers to produce elegantly hand crafted decorative wall finishes.

History of Venetian Plaster

Lime plaster is among the oldest building materials known to man kind. There is evidence of its use dating as far back as 9500 years in the area of present day Jordan. The Romans were known to use it mixed with marble dust as a fine application over a coarser lime and sand aggregate.

Continued use of slaked lime putty existed throughout the middle ages. Documented evidence of the Mantovano finish dates back to circa 1100AD. In the mid 16th Century the Marmorino finish was used widely in the Venice region, externally over civil plaster masonry. As a result, by the 17th century, many types of interior plasters flourished. The most notable being the highly polished Stucco Veneziano that was widely found in the palaces and villas of Venice.

How is it used today?

After all, the applications for Venetian Plaster are endless. Because it is only limited by ones creativity. Bathrooms are trending towards split stone finishes to create an earthly feel. So feature walls can be as bold as a polished marble finish with traces of gold, or as contemporary as a champagne polished finish that demands your attention.

In addition, Venetian plaster wall finishes are not limited to internal applications. Because the underlying products and techniques are the same for external projects. Allowing the high end luxury finish to be applied to external walls, entrances and outdoor living areas.

Hand crafted by the best

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