Render X is proud to have been associated with creating a modern lux finish for El’ise and Matt. The Block Venetian Plaster masterpieces of 2019.

How the opportunity came about

In April last year Render X was approached by a rendering company from Western Australia that were good friends of El’ise and Matt. They had been doing a few jobs using the same Italian products. The WA boys showed El’ise and Matt the Render X Instagram feed and they fell in love.

The concept planning began

There were several meetings held via the phone discussing different finishes and colours that would align with the concept they had planned for The Block.

Every option regarding colour, finish, technique and timing were thrown around and around before the final finish was agreed upon and everyone was really excited. El’ise and Matt couldn’t wait to use their secret weapon they had up their sleeve!

Light Champagne Venetian Plaster

The first job required a Venetian Plaster finish in light champagne. It was applied to the entry wall and around the fire place in the formal living room. Render X created a finish that integrated timelessly to the heritage building with a modern lux twist.

The work was conducted during the night due to the volume of people, workers, cameramen that kept brushing past the walls. Definitely not ideal working conditions! The night provided a lot of stillness and quiet with a lot less people. Perfect conditions to produce a masterpiece. The feature wall and fireplace took two nights to complete.

El’ise and Matt ended up winning the reveal that week and the judges gave the Venetian Plaster a massive wrap.

The Block Venetian Plaster Process

Of course we are not going to share our trade secrets but here’s a little insight for you…

The process included 7 layers. So imagine painting your bedroom wall 7 times. As a result, there are hours and hours of drying time between coats. We use brushes, sponges, trowels and various tools to apply the products and create the finishing texture. Now multiply that over an area larger than a master bedroom. It was an epic task to have it finished so quickly to a standard only a perfectionist would admire.

The second job involved the master en-suite. This finish created a custom Split Stone look, adding subtle textures to create a natural seamless stone finish. This finish involved 8 layers and even more drying time.

The reaction from the judges was incredible. Darren Palmer said “I don’t think I’ve loved a wall finish as much as I’ve loved that. It feels really rustic and tactile but so super modern. Like it’s a really beautiful contemporary finish.”

The Block Venetian Plaster job was an experience Render X will be forever grateful for. It was intense work but the finishes and the appreciation shown by El’ise and Matt was priceless.